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Who We Are

Hi there! We are Hayden & Adrienne Glass. We’re two best-friends-in-love working to help our couples relive the best day of their lives. We’ve been right where you are & we know just how important it is to have all those beautiful memories to look back on.

What started as two teenagers flirting and falling in love, oblivious to what the future held for them — has grown to where we are today: 10 years later, married, and pursuing our dreams together. We’ve been able to grow together, from finishing high school, to going off to college, receiving our degrees, and then getting married the very next day! We always dream big and this continued to carry us as we moved from our small town in Alabama to the City of Angels just a month after getting married. After enjoying the west coast for the last few years, we’re ready to take on our next adventure, as we make Denver, CO our new home.

We had no idea filming our very first wedding back in 2015 (off a Craigslist ad, no less!) that it would grow into such a long-term passion for telling couples’ stories.

As we've grown over the last several years in Colorado, we've been working to slowly and carefully expand our team in order to be able to better serve even more couples with our unique videography experience. You can rest assured that anyone who is a part of our in-house team meets our values as a company and is trained to provide best-in-class wedding films to you! 

May 13, 2017.

It feels like forever ago, but it’s only been a few short years since our big day. That whole weekend flew by in a blur: graduating college, celebrating this big milestone, and getting married the next day.

There is an enormous amount of love, planning, time (and of course, money!) put into sharing that special day with your loved ones, and while photos are always a great reminder, they simply can’t tell a story like a video can. You can actually hear the laughs you shared with your bridal party, remember the vows you gave each other, relive your mom tearing it up on the dance floor, watch your husband try not to cry as you walk down the aisle, and so many more timeless moments!

This is why what we do is SO important to us. We not only want you to be able to look back on that day, but also to remember exactly how you felt — that’s the beauty of a wedding film. Every moment can be felt, every shot continually bringing you back to that unforgettable day of celebration with the love of your life.

Why We Do It

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What We Love

While we are separate people with our interests, at the same time the two of us are also way too similar — it’s kind of scary..

First and foremost, we love our cats (our fur children): Ciri & Albus. They keep life around our home entertaining, fun, and sometimes crazy! (You might even catch a glimpse of our furry little work-mates on our instagram from time to time).

Generally though, we just genuinely love spending time together, whatever that may entail. You can often find us cooking, making cocktails, traveling, watching movies, playing video games or board games, going for hikes or camping, seeing local concerts, finding unique coffee shops, and just having very open, deep conversations with each other that help build us into better people — both in our marriage and as individuals.


Let’s Work Together!

Denver, CO


Tel: 213-357-0958

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